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Tired of losing your time with single bank transfers?

Now you can create bulk transfers ready for your bank.

Three simple steps


Choose one or more payer

These are the banks account which will proceed to do the tranfers.


Upload the list of the payees

A simple excel model will help you in uploading the perfect file. 


Download the XML file

Ready to send to your bank to proceed with the bulk transfer.


The SEPA Standard

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The SEPA Bank Transfer, which stands for Single Euro Payment Area (or SCT “SEPA CREDIT TRANSFER”), is the payment instrument that replaces the traditional national bank transfer within SEPA countries with quicker execution times.

Since October 31st 2016, it is the only allowed form of payment for EU countries not using Euros and also for Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

After just a few clicks, CBIFAST gives you an XML file compliant with the SEPA standard accepted by most banks for the production of massive wire transfers.

The service is well tested and has been used with satisfaction by many customers for years.

Paying all your employess with bulk transfers has never been this easy.

Start using CBIFAST now.


The first three months are FREE*


Starter features
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  • 50 Monthly Transfers
  • 1 Payer
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Free trial is available with the BASE plan option *

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Check our FAQ

SEPA stands for “Single Euro Payments Area” and it’s a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro. This area was established through European directives with the aim of making all payments in euros faster and safer than before. 

The SEPA transfer replaces previous payment procedures.

SEPA transfers indicate a payment procedure for arranging non-urgent euro transfers between customers with current accounts located within countries belonging to the SEPA area.

What are the main features of a SEPA credit transfer?

  • No limits in reaching the accounts of SEPA beneficiaries.
  • No limits on the amount of payments and no deductions.
  • Only BIC and IBAN are required.
  • The maximum execution time of the transaction is fixed.

A bulk transfer is an operation that allows you to send multiple SEPA instant credit transfers at the same time through a single transaction.

CBIfast allows you to save all that time otherwise spent in the manual submission of bank transfers: with just a few clicks you can send all the necessary transactions at the same time, thus avoiding mistakes due to tiredness and repetitiveness.

CBIfast’s bulk bank transfer system is compatible with any bank and requires only two steps:

  1. Enter your banking details
  2. Upload an Excel file (you can create it with our template)

The control key is a unique code linked to your current account. This code is not publicly available and must be requested by the account holder directly to their bank.

NB: your bank’s first level help desk might not have the necessary authorizations to provide you with the control key. Should this be the case, please ask to be put into contact with authorized personnel.

With CBIfast you can send all the bulk wire transfers you need at the same time, saving you some precious time.

To make bulk transfers using an Excel file, just follow the following steps:

  1. Set the payer.
  2. Fill in the Excel file with the details of your transfers (you can use our pre-made template).
  3. Upload the Excel file in CBIfast.
  4. Click the “Generate XML” button
  5. Upload the XML file to your home banking website.

NB: before uploading the Excel file, please check that these items are in the correct order:

  1. Account holder
  2. IBAN
  3. Reason / Description of the transaction
  4. Amount

You can also download our pre-made template to help you in the process.

The CUC code is a unique 8-digit code linked to your bank account. To have access to it, the account holder must request it directly to their bank.

NB: your bank’s first level help desk might not have the necessary authorizations to provide you with the CUC code. Should this be the case, please ask to be put into contact with authorized personnel.

CBIfast does not save any data used to generate the bank transfer list, it only keeps track of the number of credit transfers generated.

CBIfast handles your information with the utmost confidentiality.

CBIfast does not use your data for advertising purposes or disclose them to third parties.

Our customer is not a product, CBIfast is: this is why we ask for a small contribution if you find it useful.


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